What is the difference between the MP System and the Triumph mount?

The MP System uses the MCR Mounting Plate for attaching all system accessories while Triumph uses their "U" tube mount --they are not compatible.  Accessories for the MP System attach at the Mounting Plate and also at the shock absorber pivot. Triumph  accessories only attach at the rear of their mount. We could’ve adapted to the Triumph factory mount but we felt a more robust rear mount combined with the leverage of a unified front mount provided a stronger attachment.   

Why not chrome instead of stainless steel?

Stainless steel is stronger by dimension and is practically corrosion free.  There are many grades of chromium plating (double, triple, etc.) and a poor plating will rust and corrode without proper care. Also, chrome plating is an environmentally hazardous process (and potentially dangerous to plating workers) that today has many restrictions and regulations making it a fairly expensive alternative. Stainless is indeed more expensive but we feel the advantages outweigh any small cost differential.

Can the Grab Rail be fitted to the Scrambler?

Yes, it has been successfully mounted on Scramblers.  Since there are slight variances from frame to frame, the mounting process could require "persuasion" in some instances.  This frame variation can affect any and all accessories mounted to the Bonneville... even the Triumph factory accessories.  

Do the Luggage Brackets work on the Scrambler?

Yes, and no.  The right-side exhaust of the Scrambler makes mounting any bag difficult and unwise (unless you like smoking leather!).  The left side is fine for mounting one Luggage Bracket and will work with a soft bag by unlacing the set and only using the left bag.  If you attach hooks to the crossover strap, it will be possible to secure the bag to the frame tube either over or under the seat.  Actually, we've heard of some riders preferring one bag for daily use --it's not that much of a sacrifice for a Scrambler!  

You recommend slant bags but what if I have straight bags?

The concern is not with our brackets but with the placement of the rear shocks.  The slanted position of the shocks determines what bags work best.  If a straight bag hangs over the shock absorber, it must clear the shock to avoid contact.  This can be accomplished with a spacer plate bolted to the bracket.  An example of a spacer plate can be seen on the instruction page for Quick Mounts.

Can the Luggage Brackets be used with hard luggage?

Yes, if the mounting points (holes) allow it.  Some riders have built a hard luggage support (spacer) that bolts to the mounts and others have drilled the hard-bags to bolt directly to the Luggage Brackets.  The Luggage Brackets are easily welded if a special hard luggage support is desired.  It should be noted that loads vary in composition and how they affect road shock, e.g., 10 lbs of clothes will produce less shock than 10 lbs of steel.  If you think your bags are heavy, provide proper support for them.

Are Quick Mounts secure?

Yes, in two ways.  Special tabs on the mount secure it from vertical and horizontal forces encountered in normal use.  They are also secured by locks onto the Luggage Bracket.  The Locks prevent unwanted removal (as in theft!) And also fasten the Quick Mount to the bracket.  Please remember that any lock’s security value is limited to making it difficult to break and the time it takes to defeat it –no lock is foolproof.

How much weight can Quick Mounts handle?

As much as you would consider safe for the Luggage Brackets themselves.

How fast can luggage be mounted/removed with Quick Mounts?

As quickly as you can turn the lock key and lift off the luggage.

What if my luggage still makes contact with the shock absorber?

Use a spacer described in Quick Mount instructions in a downloadable file (see INFO).

Can the MCR grab rails be used with Luggage Brackets TR?

No, they require our Mounting Plate which is incompatible with Triumph OEM accessories.  If you have Triumph’s grab rail or sissy bar, our TR brackets will work.

What about Quick Mounts and Luggage Brackets TR?

Quick Mounts work for all our Luggage Brackets.

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